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                                                                               Refund Authorization Form

(please print this form,  fax/email the filled form to us)

Request For Cancellation of Journey,  and or Refunding of Tickets

Name Of Card Holder:_____________________________________________________________________________

Current Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone number:_____________________________                                       Email Address:________________________________________

I request Sudha Travels Inc, 1751 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, New York 10314 to Cancel the ticketed reservation and Process refund of the
Tickets purchased.

Name of Passenger                                                     Ticket Number                                                   Name of Airline

1.         ____________________________________         ________________________________               _______________________________

2.         ____________________________________        _________________________________               _______________________________

3.        _____________________________________        _________________________________            ________________________________

4.        _____________________________________        _________________________________            _______________________________

Date of Purchase of Tickets:_______________________________

Total Fare Paid: ___________________________________   

Penalty to be Deducted:_____________________________

Due to Passenger after payment of Penalty:_________________________  

Mode Of Payment: ________________________________

Note: Tickets purchased with special promo fares may not be refundable, please call us for more info.

Processing of refund make take up to 3-4weeks, If paid with Credit/Debit card  your card will be credited after  deducting  penalty charges
by respective Airline.

I am aware of Penalty &  Service charges & authorize SUDHA TRAVELS INC to process my refund.

Airline Tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue,  any date changes should be done before the expiry of unused  tickets
and if not they become totally non-refundable.

Sign: ________________________________________            Date:____________________________